Home window security or burglar bars let you protect the things most precious to you. The truth is that burglars are often in and out of your home or business before anyone responds to an electronic alarm. With home window security bars preventing access, you don't have to worry.

There are several ways in which you can safe guard your windows. 

  1. Spanish burglar bars  provide you with a very high level of security. these types of steel or wrought iron burglar bars are fitted externally and generally comprise of 12x12 solid square metal. Because they are fitted to the exterior of you property they need to be  hot dipped galvanised to protect it from rust and oxidation.
  2. louvre burglar bars offer more elegance and style to your security needs. These types of burglar bars are generally fitted to the interior of your window. we can add colour by epoxy coating them and the material is usually a 30x10 solid flat bar.
  3. Ornate burglar bars offer a classic french style approach. We generally use wrought iron to manufacture these types of burglar bars. they are popular for Cape vernacular architecture designed homes.
  4. Basic burglar bars are the cost effective range we offer in our manufacturing line and is a good choice when making your home a safer place to be.

No matter what type of wrought iron burglar bar you choice we have it covered when making the decisions to safe guard your home to keep your belongings and loved ones safe.